Share a Smile

It may seem overly simplistic suggesting that you smile more but smiling is a gift that benefits both the giver and the receiver and has even been credited with saving a life. It’s a simple but effective way you can make a difference and you can read more about it here.

shop-slider-sale-label3Make a conscious choice to smile at everyone you pass whether you know them or not.

shop-slider-sale-label3Look at a picture of smiling faces to lower your cortisol levels. Cortisol is released whenever you feel stressed. Too much cortisol in the system can cause tiredness, chronic inflammation and other health problems.

shop-slider-sale-label3Smile more often. Frowning triggers the secretion of stress hormones. Smiling produces noradrenaline, a feel good hormone as well as raises your production of endorphins.

shop-slider-sale-label3Smiling raises your energy levels.

shop-slider-sale-label3Laughing stimulates your brain.

shop-slider-sale-label3Smiling makes you pretttier.

shop-slider-sale-label3Smiling is the universal sign of happiness.

shop-slider-sale-label3Smiling makes you approachable.

shop-slider-sale-label3Smiling is an antidepressant.

shop-slider-sale-label3Smiling is as stimulating to your brain as receiving a large amount of cash.

shop-slider-sale-label3Smiling reduces stress.

shop-slider-sale-label3Women smile more than men (come on guys!).

shop-slider-sale-label3Smiling is contagious.

shop-slider-sale-label3Smiling makes the recipient feel good.

Share at everyone you cross paths with, the person on the street, your co-workers, your boss, your friends and family, the shop assistant, people at the train station or bus stop. Smile at everyone you pass but where possible look into the eyes of someone and give them a genuine heartfelt smile, you just don’t know what a difference it could make.

Make sure you share your story of what a difference smiling makes to your life.